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During this in-class brainstorming exercise, we were divided into groups of six. Everyone had to share an idea of an app we wanted to prototype. My idea of creating a guide for ordering sushi was chosen. By the end of class, we had chosen the features and functionalities of the app. We presented the idea by showing the rest of the class the onboarding experience. 

Behavioral Mapping

For this in class exercise, I had to shadow a classmate while he walked in Bed Bath and Beyond to look for the Command brand hooks. I had to draw out a behavior map indicating the path my classmate took and the pain points he encountered. The reason for this exercise was to understand the usability of a store for a customer who is looking for something specific. After visiting Bed Bath and Beyond my partner and I visited the Container Store and I had to find the same hooks. 

Design Challenge: CitiBike

The objective of this in-class exercise was to put in practice UX development concepts learned in previous lectures. The class was divided into teams of 4 and were given different design briefs. My team's brief was to come up with possible solutions to help attract more users for CitiBike in New York. Our goal was to make it easier and quicker for users to find available bikes and kiosks. 


The first step was to brainstorm concepts on how to evolve and improve the usability of Citibike. This step was very challenging for my team since none of us had used the service. The second step was to whiteboard sketches of the main pages of the app. Then we came up with a user scenario and user flow for our application. The third step was to design the on boarding experience as a team. To do this we used Figma, a collaborative interface design tool. 

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