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Naso Sense

This project explored the application of smell and gas sensors to detect smoke. I created a working prototype of a smell sensor to detect if someone has been smoking in prohibited areas in order to collect concrete actionable evidence. 


I believe there is a need to detect smoke indoors. The majority of indoor public spaces are smoke free but the number of smokers in America and worldwide is still relatively high. I want to create a B2B product that detects the smell of nicotine and in future developments the smell of marijuana or other illegal substances that emit chemicals in the air.


The primary application for this product is hotels but it could be adapted to any space that is meant to be monitored. The Naso Sense could be used in dorm rooms, homeless shelters or even in your home if you want to monitor a specific room. 


Naso Sense detects the smell in the air and when nicotine is detected it sends a signal via Wi-Fi and it informs the user of the breach. When the sensor is used in hotels, if the device detects smoke activity it will directly add a smoking fine to the person staying in that specific hotel room. 


To make this project I used the Arduino IDE, Arduino, Processing. 


Read more about it here.

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