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Ski the Globe

View the website here.

Ski the Globe is a responsive website containing information about ski resorts useful to people who are deciding where to go for their next ski vacation or just to gain familiarity about different resorts across the globe. The website uses third-party data and avoids social media to prevent the portrayal of biased information. To improve decision making Ski the Globe presents data visually and lets users compare resorts side by side.

This project has been developed for the sport of skiing but it can be applied to a wider range of activities that would benefit from a collective resource of information, such as surfing, hiking, or climbing.

To stay true to the concept of a user-friendly responsive website, data retrieval has not been prioritized, hence some graphics do not reflect real time information. 

Aspen's page contains data as if it was currently winter.

For more info visit the blog.

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