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Snow Matters

View the website here.


Snow Matters is a weather data visualization website for skiers. Its purpose is to reveal weather trends in different skiing locations around the world by analyzing historical weather observations. The website currently displays the weather of four locations in North America highlighting the four conditions most relevant to skiers: snow depth, wind, visibility, and temperature. For future development of this project, would like to include more locations in order to observe weather patterns across the months. 


Snow Matters was created using the Weather Underground API to obtain the data, Excel for data transformations, and D3.js and Highcharts.js for the visualizations. 


View project on Git Hub.


The data used for Snow Matters has been collected from the Weather Underground API. Since I used a free account, there was a limit on the number of calls that could be made per day. For the initial purpose of this project the historical weather data was collected from 2010 to 2015. 

The collected data was then analyzed using excel and visualized with two Javascript libraries. Snow Matters aims to collect and portray relevant weather information for ski planning.

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