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Concept Statement

This project researches clear user interfaces in the domain of web resources to design an informational web app on skiing resorts for people who love the sport. My goal is to make a skiing resort platform with affordances, including resort statistics and weather reports, so that people may find information on any place they inquire about. The website’s main interface will be a map allowing users to geospatially view the locations. The main content on the site will include the individual location’s facts, weather forecast, and a Google Map showing the runs and lifts on a map.

The current websites or other resources for skiing are not satisfactory as a result of the following things: the user needs to insert specific information to obtain results, it is difficult to visualize where places are without using a service like Google Maps in addition to the current resource, the layout of the current websites is unattractive and relies on many grid structures that tire the eye with an overload of information. Another issue encountered when searching skiing locations is that the individual resort’s websites tend to be misleading. Snow reports, social media posts and blog posts can be easily used to mislead people into thinking that skiing conditions are better than reality.

Through the use of an intuitive map interface, and a simplistic design, users will have a more organic experience browsing for locations. The aim is to provide a good experience for both users who know what they are looking for and for ones who just want to explore different places. By using a map as the main interface of the website users will easily understand the location of a skiing resort and its distance from the surrounding points of interest. Additionally, users will have the ability of comparing two or three locations side by side to observe the resort’s information more clearly.

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