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Design Question & Core Attributes

When I talk about skiers I mean snowboarders too but in order not to repeat myself all the time I just mention skiers. I want to create a simple and fun platform that can help passionate skiers explore were to go skiing.


I have been going skiing in Cervinia a town in the Italian Alps every winter since I was born. I remember my parents would take my brother and I skiing for vacation to Canada or western US. During the trips I noticed how much weather had an impact on our ability to enjoy skiing. Although the future can’t be known for sure I want to have the ability of understanding past weather trends in order to make informed decisions. When I was younger my parents always did the decision making for where to go skiing. However, lately I have had the possibility of choosing when and where to go skiing for my own trips with friends or as suggestions to my family vacations. Although this new responsibility is great it has been much harder than expected. Individual ski resort’s websites are confusing and don’t always display information clearly. Some websites have a list of all the skiing resorts but make it hard to visualize where on a map each place is located. I hope to create a simpler platform that contains the information someone needs to decide in which area to go skiing.

What are you trying to make?

Ultimately I am trying to create a convenient resource to understand where and when you should go skiing. I would like to create a simple to understand website by maybe providing a means of navigating locations with a map of the world.

Who is this for?

Passionate skiers and snowboarders.

People who have the ability to travel for skiing.

Curious people.

People who are interested in climate change.

Where will this be accessed?

A platform easily accessible everywhere…so a mobile designed site first?

When will this be used?

Before taking a trip.

When becoming very interested in skiing.

When you have financial independence and decide to spend money on a ski trip.

Why am I making this?

I am making this platform because I believe there is a need to explore locations based on when it is better to go there. I would like to create a way of interacting with this information by looking at the world with a map (kind of like Google flights). I am making it now because there aren’t any good and well designed websites that allow you to understand what time of the year it is best to go skiing in one place. Skiers are very passionate about their sport and would do anything to find great snow on a beautiful day.

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