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Initial User Testing

The first round of user testing was done to understand if the content was clear and what the user wants.

User Testing Script

Imagine you are looking for information about skiing resorts.

Please spend 5 minutes exploring the app like you normally would.

  1. What would you expect to be able to do with a skiing resource website?

  2. Did you find the ability of comparing two locations side by side useful?

  3. What did you dislike?

  4. What did you like?

  5. Do you ski?



  • I like the comparison feature

  • I like the map and I like seeing it at the top of the page

  • The design is very clear

  • I like that the map can be used to browse around just like you would in Google Maps

  • I like seeing the map with the ski lifts and runs on top of it


  • Can you show ticket prices

  • I would like to see an overall star rating

  • I’m unsure what the button ‘compare’ will do

  • Will you show photos of the hotels and restaurants

  • I would like to see what a local has to say about that place

  • I would like to compare more than one location at the same time

  • The wording of snowpack at top and at bottom is confusing

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