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Prototype 4

View prototype on InVision here:

Landing page with prompt box to fill out by the user. The user also has the option to exit out of the box and begin browsing locations through the map.

This is the single page view of a location. The map is at the top showing the runs and lifts of the mountain resort. The map is still interactive and can be used to zoom in or out and to click on different locations. Then the name of the resort is shown and the user can click on "Visit Site" to view the resort's website. Underneath the name of the location the resort statistics are shown, followed by a snow report and photos. From this page the user can click on compare to view Aspen next to another location. The user can also search for another resort altogether.

When the user clicks on "Compare" the page below will be shown. At this point the user can insert the two locations that need to be compared.

The page below shows the layout of two locations being compare side by side.

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