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Prototype 2 - Aesthetics

  • Creating and sharing an aesthetic guide with the class helped me understand and prototype for the style of my website. I learned that a condensed font does not work well in a small screen and that most of my classmates thought that using a serif font would give my website more of outdated feel.

  • My assumption of using a condensed font to fit better in a small screen was incorrect. Brad pointed out that since the screen of a phone is small I should use a more rounded and open font to improve readability.

  • The prototype below tests if my classmates respond well to a topographical map. Based on this prototype I understood that using a road map or a hybrid would be best for my project because people seemed to prefer the classic map showing streets rather than just seeing the terrain of valleys and mountains.

  • From this prototype I also learned that the layout of the statistics section is very dry and it doesn’t induce people to read them.

  • The star rating system was appreciated and I will try to include it in future development.

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