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User Scenarios

Carlo is 56 years old, living in Turin, Italy and is a seasoned skier. Carlo has travelled to various ski resorts in Europe and North America throughout the years. During winter weekends he skis by his mountain house in Courmayeur in the Aosta Valley. He has a very high disposable income and can afford to travel around the world once a year to ski in a new location. He uses the website to explore different resorts. His son shared the website with him and he has been consulting it ever since to see the different statistics at resorts he is not familiar with. Carlo mostly uses the website for exploration and comparison of resorts as he is contemplating where to go ski next. He mostly uses his iPad at home to explore resorts and sometimes visits the website from his smartphone to confirm assumptions he had about some resorts. Carlo is interested in finding a few resorts about an hour from each other so that he can ski in as many different places as possible so he really enjoys the map feature.

Kelly is 25 years old and grew up skiing in Switzerland and has travelled to a few mountain resorts in Europe. Kelly is a very good skier. She recently moved to Toronto and has skied at mountains nearby but was disappointed by the short runs. Kelly is extremely annoyed with the advertisements and claims made by mountain resorts near Toronto since they very crowded and too small.

Kelly finds out about the website from an Instagram post by a famous skier. She uses the website to choose a place where the level of skiing is very high. She does so by looking at how many runs there are, the ratio of red, blue and black runs and the overall vertical height.

Kelly’s parents help her out with travelling money as she just begun supporting herself. She uses the website from her phone since she found it through Instagram. After looking at a few mountain resorts in western Canada from her phone she uses her desktop to review them and checks for the cheapest flight tickets.

Jess is 33 years old and lives in New York. Jess started to ski five years ago on the east coast and now wants to travel to the west coast for better mountains. Jess has a well paying job and can afford travel expenses and ski tickets. She has heard of skiing resorts that are famous but consults the website that allows her to compare different resorts before booking her trip. Since Jess has many responsibilities at work she can only take time off to go skiing during regular holidays meaning that most resorts are very crowded. The feature she uses the most on the website is to check which mountains are less crowded. Jess has become a big ski nerd and frequently checks skiing magazines where she reads about this new website. The main way she consults the website is through a desktop at work.

The website could be found in the following ways

-Mentioned on skiing blogs/magazines/Instagram/Facebook

-WOM - Word of mouth

-SEO - Search engine optimization

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