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Initial Research

Ski and Snow:

Deep: The story of skiing and the future of snow


Is climate change ruining skiing in the alps?

Snow business : a study of the international ski industry

Book at NYU Requested - waiting to pick up

For Winter Sports Industry, Decreasing Snowfall Sends Businesses Downhill

Video on New School Lib

CU Mountain Research Station

Mark Williams Prof at CU Boulder

Designing For Usability:

Universal Principles of Design. Lidwell, Holden, & Butler

About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design


Creating a mobile-first responsive web design

Weather API:

Historical Observing Metadata Repository NOAA

Weather Undeground History Data WUNDERGDOUND

My Weather 2

This free snow report and weather API Web Service allows developers and programmers to get snow report data (where available) and 6 day forecast information for any single ski resort.

Constraints: This free API is restricted to a maximum of 500 server requests per day. If in any calendar month if 3 days have over 500 requests we will request you upgrade your account to a paid service. Prices start from as little as £30 per month.

World Weather Online

Constraints: Our free weather API users have a limit of 250 requests per day. 60 Days free trial of premium plan.

Weather Unlocked

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